Join the Lab

Interested in joining the lab?

We are not currently recruiting undergraduate students however they are encouraged to fill out this form to express interest in working with the lab. Advanced coursework in statistics (PSYC 536 or an equivalent regression course in other departments) and experience with statistical computing and data analysis are desirable.

We will be reviewing graduate student applications for the Fall 2023 admission. To apply to work in the lab as a PhD student, submit your application through the McGill Psychology Department. For general information on the application process examine the information here. Other common questions we receive:

  • Are international students accepted?

    • Yes. For more information on international students at McGill please see here.

  • Is the program at McGill funded?

    • Yes. The program at McGill is fully funded for five years.

  • What kind of research interests are a good fit?

    • See the publications page of this site with an eye to papers authored by students and Dr. Flake's google scholar page for recent published projects in the lab.

Dr. Flake does not pre-interview candidates or provide application feedback ahead of the application due date. If you have a question about applying that is not answered here or on the McGill University page, email If you are short-listed as an applicant, you will generally be contacted for an interview in the winter of the application year (in January or February). If you just want to learn more about studying quant methods, check out this website: